Educator Discount

I believe in the importance of caring for those who serve our future generations. Because healthy school staff can be a catalyst for healthy students, I offer a 25% discount for all school employees. Thank you for all that you do!


Whole Health Education services are covered by many insurance and flex spending plans. I am happy to work with you to explore how your sessions may be covered.
1 hour                    - $150
3 hour-long sessions - $425
6 hour-long sessions - $800


Whole Health Education is an evidence-based discipline that emphasizes the powerful role of information in self-advocacy and recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of a person’s life. Courtney specializes in helping clients improve their health by exploring five elements of the whole person, including emotional, nutritional, physical, spiritual, and environmental aspects. In an initial interview, she asks questions which will elicit new insights and develop a shared understanding of your specific needs by truly and deeply listening without pre-conceived solutions. Using the information gained from each session, Courtney gathers and streamlines current scientific research on targeted topics, and provides education which will deepen your knowledge and enable meaningful goal-setting and the development of a customized action plan. Ongoing guidance and support in the form of an accountability partner allows you to identify and move past challenges that could interfere with your progress. While your individualized consultations may support and enhance your existing health care program, the emphasis is on identifying and addressing root causes, rather than simply suppressing symptoms. With this personalized approach to self-care, the individuality of each client is the driving force. Through our sessions, you will improve your health by changing habits and implementing new knowledge in a safe and judgement-free environment. 

Getting Started - Risk-Free

I believe that trust and rapport are critical in establishing the relationship needed for this work. For this reason, I offer a money-back guarantee for the initial consultation, so that you may make an informed decision about whether Whole Health Education services are for you. There is no obligation to continue the work beyond this point.

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