Whole Health Education is an individualized journey to wellness, empowering you in your quest for health.

Bay Area Core Wellness is client-centered, exploring the unique hidden factors impacting your health and well-being. Individual sessions provide the resources, current research, and motivation necessary to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Together we can address overall health, disease management and prevention, weight management, stress management, and much more.​

"It's safe to follow a path or journey to health, to ask questions, to share learnings, and to not feel criticized for trying new things." - Shauna H.

"I have changed my lifestyle in several ways‐‐eating habits, exercise routines, spiritual nurturing, intellectual growth, sleep discipline." - Rachel A.

"I've used the information you've provided and shared it with my family." - Nigel D.

"What I have appreciated about your program is the constant reminder to take care
of myself so that I have something to give." - Martha G.

"Thank you for your positive influence and your unending support." - Linda W.​

It's time to put yourself first and find the balance we all seek. Through our sessions we will be able to reach the goals you have always wanted in a manageable manner.

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